Lets grab a coffee ’cause I’m back!

Grab a Coffee

Hellooo again guys! I’m alive, and back.

It wasn’t my intention to actually disappear for a couple of months, but life was going so fast and days started to look so short that I ended up going through  days without even taking a shower and eating on my floor because the kitchen was SUPER messy (and lets be honest sometimes I just wanted to sleep for hours instead of getting up super early to shoot some pics).

Now in terms of GOOD NEWS!I started (and finished) my internships at one of the coolest ad agencys of my country and now I’m a full time copywriter there.
I am graduating college (!) and started a small biz selling my yum healthy baked goods (but if you are following me on Instagram you already noticed that). And best of all, I’m planning to move to a new house that I will finally be able to call my own (!!).
Life is cool.
So after getting everything in order and having one of the most organized schedules of the whole world (yeah, I even scheduled time to take a shower) I’m back with my creative juices flowwing, my oven full of stories to tell and a cupboard ready to produce some awesome quick recipes that you are totally going to love.

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2 Responses to Lets grab a coffee ’cause I’m back!
  1. Gloria Reply

    Hi Ana!
    Congrats for such great news and on a more egotistic side, great to hear you’re back!. I really enjoy your blog and it’s fantastic to here you will be around “here” again.
    Take care, enjoy the moment you’re living now and, let’s cook!

    • Ana Fernández Reply

      Thanks Gloria! Lets get our hands dirty (with chocolate and flour of course)

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